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Talking to your child about first aid

First aid is an important life skill that we want our children to learn. We want our children to be safe and to know what to do in an emergency, but many parents don't know how to start talking to their children about basic first aid skills or even what this involves.

Did you know that our early years Mini First Aid classes are suitable for children as young as 3 years old? At this early age, children can start to learn what to expect if they get hurt and what to do in an emergency. We love The Mini Adventures of Freddie book that helps talk children through some minor injuries with the help of brave little Freddie and his mum. This is a great resource to read with your child on a regular basis to keep the conversation going in an age-appropriate way.

We also recommend helping your child to learn their address and practising this with them regularly. This is important should your child need to contact the emergency services. Start talking to your child about calling 999 and when they might need to do this. In the Mini Adventures of Freddie, Freddie doesn't just need help with some minor injuries, he also helps his mum when she starts to feel unwell and falls unconscious. Luckily, Freddie knows his address and how to call 999 for help!

If you haven't already started talking to your child about first aid, then don't panic. It's never too late to start! Whether your child hasn't done any first aid before or is confident at early years level, by around 6 to 7 years old children are often ready for more advanced concepts such as learning CPR and the recovery position. Sometimes, children find a real passion for first aid and are confident in learning these techniques at an even younger age with parental discretion.

Most importantly, first aid for children should be fun!

Top tips for talking to your child about first aid:

  • Keep it fun, informative and interactive.

  • Prepare your child for what might happen if they or someone else gets hurt. Letting them know what to expect can help them to stay calm in an emergency. We love the Mini Adventures of Freddie book to help introduce first aid concepts to young children - available at Home | Mini First Aid Edinburgh (

  • If your child gets hurt, explain what is happening and any first aid that you are doing.

  • Find an affordable and fun first aid class for your child. Why not sign your child up to a Mini First Aid zoom class! Our early years class for 3-6 year olds is only £10 and a kids class for 7-11 year olds is just £15. Your child can learn essential first aid skills online in an interactive and age-appropriate way First Aid Classes for Children (

  • Make use of play time. Children love exploring what they have learnt through play so why not help them practise basic first aid skills with teddies and dolls. Older children may want to practise on each other and have fun showing you their recovery position.

  • Mix it up! Children may enjoy a range of ways at learning first aid, so try a mixture of techniques. This could be using books, play, free resources and signing them up for a class too.

  • Be confident in your own first aid skills! It's easy to forget that children model what they see. Make sure that you are confident in your first aid skills by attending a Mini First Aid Edinburgh baby and child first aid class for parents - First Aid Classes for Adults (


Hi, I’m Lyndsey and I run Mini First Aid classes throughout Edinburgh and West Lothian. As a qualified Midwife, first aid trainer, and mum to a two boys age 15 and 12 I’ve dealt with numerous first aid situations and emergencies. I feel passionate that everyone should know first aid as you never know when something will happen and it’s important that you have the confidence and knowledge to deal with the situation. It’s a frightening experience when your little one is poorly or injured, however our friendly and relaxed classes aim to give you the skills to be able to know what actions to take if faced with a medical emergency.

Whether you are a Parent, Carer or Grandparent looking for a 2 hour first aid class, a professional looking for a first aid qualification course, or a child keen to know the basics of life saving first aid, multi award winning Mini First Aid have a class, a course, or online learning platform for you.


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