The best children’s books for the Easter holidays

Easter Eggs & Chickens From Ginger & Pickles Bookshop

Did you know that the owner of Ginger & Pickles in Stockbridge also happens to be an experienced English teacher? Here she provides us with a truly eggcellent set of titles for children aged 5+. Why not throw one in alongside all the choccy scoffy? And if you can order through a local bookshop such as Ginger & Pickles, you will be helping local business thrive & keeping the ‘High Street’ alive!

1. Chickenology by Barbara Sandri and Francesco Giubbilini, illus. by Camilla Pintonato (2021) 5-9 years

An informative and interesting non-fiction book for curious readers. This wonderfully illustrated encyclopaedia tells you everything you need to know about chickens.

2. The Chicken Thief by Beatrice Rodriguez (2005) 5+

A very humorous and heart-warming wordless picture book. The chase is on when fox steals chicken. Can the forest friends save chicken? But not all is what it seems; as fox has only stolen chicken's heart!

3. Nesting by Henry Cole (2020) 5+

Follow two robins and learn all about their lives and nesting habitat. Spot the pretty blue eggs that stand out against the beautiful black and white illustrations. For birdwatcher enthusiasts of all ages.

4. The Egg by Britta Teckentrup (2017) 5-9 years

A visually stunning treat for budding ornithologists. An array of eggs from the tiniest feathered friend to birds of extinction. A colourful collage from an artist's point of view.

5. The Egg by M P Robertson (2000) 5+

When George fetches the eggs from his mother's prized chicken, he realises that something is not quite right. The egg seems rather large, and George soon discovers why as well as what is inside!