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Voxblock rolls out FREE trial of Audio into Schools

Voxblock Schools initiative encouraging primary schools to test the benefits of classroom audio for FREE.

Voxblock, Audio
Voxblock, Audio

Following the successful introduction of Voxblock Schools, Voxblock, the screen and wifi-free audiobook business, has today launched a nationwide search for 20 UK primary schools to participate in their new Audio into Schools initiative. Qualifying schools will each receive a free Voxblock audiobook player and three audiobooks (worth £59.99) enabling them to test, for themselves, the educational and wellbeing benefits of adding audiobooks into classrooms and school libraries.

Voxblock, listening corner
Voxblock, listening corner

Voxblock's Audio into Schools initiative, which is entirely funded by the company and offered to participating schools free of charge, is designed to give primary schools the opportunity to experience, first hand, how the use of audiobooks in educational settings can improve literacy and wellbeing, especially amongst struggling and reluctant readers. Research conducted by The Literacy Trust has proven that audiobooks can play a pivotal role in enhancing reading skills, including decoding and comprehension, while simultaneously nurturing a deep-seated love for reading, fostering well-being, and boosting emotional intelligence. The Voxblock initiative seeks to share the positive impact of the role of audio in supporting literacy engagement.

Recent research from The Literacy Trust

  • Half (49.1%) of those children and young people who said they enjoyed listening to audio said that when they listened to stories rather than watched videos they used their imagination more.

  • 3 in 5 (58.5%) of those children and young people who enjoyed listening to audio said that when they listened to an audiobook or podcast it made it easier for them to understand a story or subject.

  • Around 2 in 5 (37.4%) of those children and young people who enjoyed listening to audio said that it got them interested in reading books.

Voxblock is the easy-to-use, screen-free audiobook player designed (by parents) for children aged 3-12 years. The audiobook player has no internet connection, meaning no need for Wi-Fi, apps, downloads, logins or passwords. With a library of over 200 audiobooks, Voxblock’s tangible blocks can be listened to individually or by groups. Named winner of the Best Kids Audio Player for Ease of Use by The Independent in 2022, the easy-to-use Voxblock empowers children to listen independently without the need for adult help.

The Edinburgh based business was founded in 2022 initially launching Voxblock players into the home market. Having quickly built a strong reputation amongst children and parents, the team started receiving requests from schools and teachers looking for a multi-user classroom option. Already familiar with the personal product, these teachers believed the connectivity-free audiobook player would translate well into the classroom environment and could be a useful learning resource.

In response to this, Voxblock Schools; the first ever schools and educational settings audiobook product, was launched last month and is already receiving great feedback from primary schools throughout the UK. Voxblock Schools offers a range of school packages that can be used by individual pupils, small groups or whole classes. Schools can add Voxblock to their classrooms, libraries or as part of a SEN or learning enhancement programme.

Details of the range of Voxblock Schools packages can be found here.

Leah, primary 3-4 class teacher; “The use of Voxblock helps cover many of the literacy outcomes, focusing on listening, talking and reading. It has helped students engage in new stories and gain exposure to more worlds, ultimately improving vocabulary and comprehension. One of my students (aged 6 years) said independently “It gave me good words in the stories and I used them in my writing.””

Voxblock, ready for school
Voxblock, ready for school

Voxblock co-founder, Rebecca Lundgren says; “The feedback we have received from schools already using our new Voxblock Schools audiobook product has been fabulous. But we know that with money tight and budgets strapped, schools might be reluctant to spend money on testing audio, which is why we have launched this Audio into Schools initiative, ensuring that 20 primary schools who think their pupils could benefit can add a Voxblock audiobook player to their classrooms for free.”

In order to take part in the Audio into Schools initiative and receive a completely free Voxblock and three books, schools simply need to enter their details here.


Voxblock is the screen-free, easy-to-use audiobook player that lets children access the magic of stories independently. Designed for kids, without the need for wifi, downloads or set up and using tangible audiobooks that slot into the easy-to-use player, Voxblock is lightweight and fully portable for use anywhere.

Voxblock, the screen-free audiobook player
Voxblock, the screen-free audiobook player

Recognised as the Best Kids Audio Player for Ease of Use by both The Independent and The Evening Standard, Voxblock was founded in 2022 by parents Rebecca Lundgren and Tom Williams who were inspired by their own young daughters' need for a distraction-free audiobook player. Based in Edinburgh, Voxblock is fully designed and assembled in Scotland. With a focus on sustainability the players and books have a minimum number of component parts to ensure a repairable product with a long lifespan.

Voxblock player £39.99. Starter packs including a player, three audiobooks and a protective bumper are £59.99 and are available to buy from


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