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Watson’s Application Deadline

Watson’s is a place where your child will have the freedom to, succeed, explore, perform, and grow. We combine academic excellence with an enrichment programme of extra-curricular activity that is amongst the broadest of any school in Scotland.

Digital Events

We are delighted to offer tours to families who have not yet visited the campus and are looking to find out more about joining in 2022. We are also offering a range of digital events designed to provide your family with more practical information and advice on life at Watson’s. The recordings of our live events can be viewed on our Digital Events page.

Register for one of the upcoming events here.

Application Deadlines

The deadline for applications, for families looking to join in August 2022, is Friday 12 November. We will be holding Primary 4 - Primary 7 assessments at the end of November, Primary 2 and Primary 3 assessments in December and Primary 1 and Senior School assessments in January 2022.

Remember you can apply online and if you have any questions please contact our Admissions team.


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