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6 Christmas Reading Recommendations From Toddler to Teen

In this set of recommendations you’ll find unconventional Christmases, at least 3 bears and even a story set on Arboretum Road, Edinburgh! Thank you Julie Richardson of Ginger & Pickles children's bookshop, St Stephen's Street, Stockbridge.

Age 3

A Polar Bear in the Snow by Mac Barnett, illus. by Shawn Harris (2020)

Where is polar bear going? Follow bear on his arctic adventure. Travel through the snow

and wintery setting beautifully captured by Harris' artwork. Available in both hardback and paperback editions.

Age 5+

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson, illus. by Laura Cornell (1999)

What happens when The Herdmans (the worst family ever) take over the annual Christmas Pageant? Find out in this classic Christmas story. First published in 1972, this very funny story was later adapted into a colourful illustrated picture book. Available in both formats.

Age 7

A Night at Frost Fair by Emma Carroll, illus. by Sam Usher (2021)

Have you ever imagined what a Georgian Christmas would be like? What if you could time travel back in time? Join Maya, who finds herself transported back two hundred years to the banks of the frozen river Thames during the Thameside frost fairs where she and newfound friend, Eddie enjoy the festivities of London’s past. But will she be able to recapture the spirit of Christmas when she returns home?

Age 9

The Good Bear by Sarah Lean, illus. by Fiona Woodcock (2020)

Thea looks forward to the upcoming holidays as it means she will be spending the festive season with her father in Norway. But when she arrives, it is not quite what she was expecting - dad is distant and busy with his new family. Thea, however, finds a bear in the nearby woods who is desperate for her help. In order to save the bear, Thea must prove that he is not a threat. A wonderful wintery tale for those who enjoy animal stories.


North Child by Edith Pattou (2019)

Rose must make a perilous journey with an unlikely companion - an enormous white bear - to an enchanted castle to learn of her destiny. Set in the harsh landscapes of the north, this story is reminiscent of the classic fairy tale.


Stay Another Day by Juno Dawson (2021)

Set in Edinburgh, three siblings return home for the holidays. But this story is not exactly a hallmark Christmas. Strained relationships, a juicy family secret, and an unexpected romance, are just a few of the fun festivities happening this Christmas at the McAllister family home on Arboretum Road.


Recommendations by Julie Richardson, owner of Ginger & Pickles children's bookshop, St Stephen's Street, Stockbridge.

About Julie

Julie is a secondary English teacher in Edinburgh. Unsurprisingly, she has a wealth of specialist knowledge about children’s books. We hope you'll go and visit her in her magical Stockbridge bookshop - it’s a real treasure trove!


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