Adapting to change at Cranley Nursery

This year, Cranley had to take their learning experiences from their three nurseries into homes across Edinburgh as children spent months away from their nursery during lockdown.

To make sure that they didn’t miss their Cranley families at Lanark Road, Craiglockhart and Buckstone, the team adapted communications and activities to keep children learning, growing and making sure they were fully prepared for the return to nursery life and changes that would bring.

Keeping everyone in touch with each other was a priority to look after wellbeing and add a sense of normality. With a monthly newsletter, parents, children and staff were able to share their time at home. The images and videos brightened up everyone’s inboxes and children were able to see what their friends had been up to.

An online activity hub served as inspiration for home learning as parents could select a range of activities, crafts and recorded story times to share with the children whenever they needed them. This allowed Cranley to continue building essential skills, even while away from their usual learning environment.

When it came to transitions back to nursery, children and parents were prepared with specially created booklets and activities. They knew what changes had been made to adhere to government guidance and keep everyone feeling safe. And staff had their own inductions to make sure they were comfortable with the new environment and ready to get back to the thing they love.

This year has reinforced just how important time outdoors is for all ages. And Cranley is lucky to have great outdoor spaces at each of its settings. The team have been venturing outside as much at every opportunity, adapting learning experiences and making the most of the fresh air and the benefits it brings.

As Cranley’s rooms and outdoor spaces are once again filled with the sounds of happy children, the team can continue helping little ones grow, learn and explore in their home from home.

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