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Back to School Drama

We asked The Compass School Headteacher, Mr Becher how their summer term ended so hopefully children would be excited to return for the next academic year.

Mr Becher, the Headmaster, said: “For years, we have finished the school session with our musical productions in the theatre. However, the pandemic has meant that we have been unable to perform to live audiences since 2019. We wanted to make our return to the theatre a truly memorable one and the children really rose to the challenge last week. From young to old, our children amazed their audiences by their confidence, enthusiasm and acting skills and it was great to see our older children in particular, who have enjoyed this opportunity every year throughout their time at The Compass, sign-off their time in primary school in such an assured and magnificent fashion. We are truly proud of what our children and staff achieved onstage and off.”

Children at The Compass School in Haddington, provided a wonderful musical climax to the school year by presenting not just one, but two musicals in the theatre.

Our youngest children (from age 4-8) performed a very lively and colourful musical called ‘Go Fish!’ which featured some very catchy and humorous songs for our large audiences to enjoy!

Then immediately following this, Primary 4-7 children took to the stage to perform Disney’s ‘The Lion King Jnr. A cast of over 70 children took the audience on a journey to the Pridelands and jungles of Africa where they told the story of Simba and how he overcame his evil uncle, Scar and his gang of hyenas ensuring that the delicate balance of the ‘Circle Of Life’ was restored and celebrated. The children’s performances (which took place in the theatre at Loretto School) were extremely well-received by the large numbers who attended each of the performances and many of them commented on the talented children they had seen onstage.


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