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Conifox Christmas Drive-Thru Experience

Conifox Adventure Park announces the return of its sell-out Christmas experience this December, but with a ‘2020’ twist.

Due to ‘elf’-and-safety, visitors will now meet Santa and his gang in an utterly enchanting drive-thru experience, delighting in the highly anticipated winter-wonderland, but at a safe distance.

Feel tree-mendously festive as you drive through the park stopping at various points to enjoy scenes and actors in the Toy Workshop, the Reindeer Flying School, Mrs Claus’ Kitchen, the Enchanted Forest and most importantly, Santa’s Livingroom, where you will meet the big man himself.

From 3rd – 23rd December, tickets will be available from 2.00pm – 4.00pm (£20) and 4.30pm – 9.00pm (£25), allowing for gorgeous Scottish country views by day and breath-taking twinkling lights by night.

Due to government guidelines, Santa will not be able to handout presents to the visiting children, but why not bring wrapped presents with you, hide them in the car and see them magically appear after the family has met Santa? “Did I just hear an elf scurrying in the boot?”

The drive will take around 20 minutes, with actors waving and engaging with visitors from the safety of open marquees.

Food and beverages will also be available to purchase and enjoy as you drive around the park.

**Unfortunately, due to ticket demand we are unable to amend or alter ticket times after purchase. Please ensure you purchase the ticket time you wish to visit.**


Please print off your ticket and bring it with you. Your ticket will be scanned through your closed car window on arrival. You will then proceed to enter our attraction. You may put your widows down to let the children see the surroundings better. The attraction will take approx. 20 min to complete. You must go to every scene in the attraction. Once you enter you cannot leave early.


Only one ticket required per vehicle, if booking for more than one vehicle please make a separate booking for each vehicle.

You MUST not bring alcohol, food, illegal drugs of any kind on to our site.

No Vans, Minibuses allowed. Cars only. Soft tops are allowed.

Your car must be in good working order & hold valid insurance.

A maximum of 7 guests per car is allowed.

No pets are allowed.


The speed limit will be set at 5 mph

Your car must be in good working order & hold valid insurance

You MUST remain in your vehicle at all times. Under no circumstances must you leave your car.

While there might be minimal set pieces as you drive from scene to scene, there will be no actors or staff approaching the cars while driving from one location to the next.

All drivers must keep a sensible distance from the car in front in case of sudden braking.

Drivers should pull away carefully to avoid damage to following vehicle from road chipping surface

All cars are required to have current car insurance and the driver will be responsible for any damage to other vehicles or property and injuries that may occur to staff, performers, or anyone else on site due to the fault of the driver.

Guests MUST wear their seat belts at all times and doors should remain unlocked in case of emergency.


The safety of staff and guests is our top priority and we have designed the entire experience with the current health guidelines in mind.

Performers will socially distance from each other at all times.

All staff on site will wear a mask at all times.

Upon arrival to our site, Your ticket will be scanned through your closed car window.

You never leave the safety of your car during the whole event from start to finish.

Conifox Adventure Park, Kirkliston, EH29 9ER


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