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Erskine Stewart's Melville Junior School Assessment Week 10th January, 2022

ESMS Junior School Primary 1 Assessment Week is fast approaching and will take place w/c 10th January 2022.

What happens at Assessment Morning?

A friendly and experienced teacher will spend time with your child, working 1:1 with them so we can get to know them and their strengths during a 45-60 minute fun activity session.

In Primary 1 we assess through activities and games. In Primary 2 and 3 we assess Reading, Writing. Maths and Spelling.

What will we assess?

The assessment will not feel like a test, as they enjoy games, activities and puzzles with a member of staff who will get to know your child whilst having fun together. We are not looking for children who can read or write. We are simply looking to see how they ask questions, follow instructions, listen carefully and communicate with us. Activities we use focus on the skills children will be undertaking at home and Nursery such as:

Memory and recall

  • Sequencing, matching, counting and sorting

  • Vocabulary and comprehension

  • Fine motor skills, such as cutting, threading, building, drawing

You also still have time to book an appointment for assessment for Primary 2 and 3, which starts w/c 15th November 2021.

If you are interested in booking an assessment for Primary 1, 2 or 3 entry, please contact our Admissions Manager to organise a time slot for assessment.

Phone: 0131 311 1115


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