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Free Educational Resources

Fettes have been busy providing Learning From Home provision to the College and Prep school parents which can be seen here. Prep: College:

Fettes have now launched a guide to free educational resources available to all school aged children.

Department Heads from across Fettes have collated a number of recommended, high-quality, FREE resources available to any school-age child regardless of where they go to school. We have suggestions across the Scottish and English Curricula and ideas for children aged 5-18 covering every school subject.    

You may not be physically in school but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. Why not use the current time you are spending at home to enlist on some fascinating free courses that could spark a new passion or simply make you feel more confident about a topic you are currently working on. 

They are keeping this page updated with additional free learning resources as they become available.


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