How Art Classes Benefit a Child

Sally-Ann Johns is an established artist based in Edinburgh. After graduating with a BA from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, she completed an MA at Edinburgh College of Art. Alongside a successful freelance career, Sally-Ann has been running popular Art classes for children since 2013. I decided to find out more.

How old does a child have to be to attend an Art class?

I offer two sets of classes: one for children aged 6-10; the other for children aged 10-14.

Do you limit class size?

Yes. There are a maximum of 8 children in a class. This allows for a more personal and individual level of learning.

Does a child really need Art classes outside school?

Art is about more than just the finished piece: it is an important part of a well-rounded education. There are many benefits to developing the creative mind: the skills learnt in an art class help students to become creative thinkers. And the ability to think creatively is so important in real life.

Because of significant cuts to art funding in schools over the last few years, there is a lack of art education happening now.

What makes your classes special?

All classes are taught by me in my working studio, in central Edinburgh. So the setting itself is inspiring. I ensure a friendly atmosphere, in which every child feels relaxed and able to express themselves fully, and make new friends. Everyone deserves to learn in a warm and supportive environment.

What is your philosophy?

We learn how to appraise each other’s work professionally, which is an important skill. There is no place for negativity here. In my classes there is no right and wrong, for example. This means that even shy students become very keen to show off their work. Positivity is transformative and it is rewarding for me to see my students grow in confidence.

What skills do children learn in the term-time classes?

They develop skills in drawing and painting and we examine line & shading, perspective, composition, and figurative drawing. We will also look at different materials, such as clay and plaster, as various craft techniques are explored.

Other vital skills are also developed such as patience, concentration, perseverance, determination and kindness.

"My 8-year-old daughter joined Sally-Ann's art classes this autumn and I am so glad that she did. When I went to pick her up after her first class my daughter was bubbling with joy, telling me in great detail all about the class and the picture she had drawn, about Sally-Ann, and the other kids in the class. She then finished off by saying she was very proud of herself. As a mother you couldn't really ask for more. "
Edinburgh parent

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Classes take place at Studio 48 in central Edinburgh.

Studio 48 ,25 Beaverhall Rd, Edinburgh EH7 4JE