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Label Lady School Uniform Concierge

Preparing for the start of term can be quite a stressful proposition especially when you are trying to enjoy some time off over the Summer months.

Having two sporty boys, I know that just buying all the stuff you think you’ll need for school is a full time job! I’ve tried all the different systems to keep track of all the kit & found the only labelling that lasts all the washing was hand sewing name tapes.

And that’s why I started Label Lady two years ago to fit round my busy family & I’ve never looked back!

Leavers Memory Cushions

When I’m not helping families get ready for the start of school, I’m helping families celebrate the end of an era when their children leaves a school! Who still keeps their children’s old school uniform in a back in the attic? I make leavers cushions out of all the old school uniform or rugby ball cushions from old sports kit.

When clearing out my husband’s family home I found a complete set of his prep school uniform, an ancient pair of woollen swimming trunks & enough rugby strips to kit out the Scotland Squad! I wanted a way to celebrate all these happy times by getting them on display. Hence my leavers cushions idea just grew from there!

Name Tape & Uniform Concierge

I offer a uniform concierge service for busy families with children attending schools in the Scotland & further afield. It’s a service that is particularly useful for expat families with children attending boarding schools in the UK as all the uniform can be sent to me & I’ll have it ready for the start of term; saving you hassle & expensive delivery costs or worse still, expensive replacement for lost kit by half term! As the children move up the school, the opportunities for school camps, DofE training expeditions, ski trips & CCF are endless, so I’m always popping in to help busy mums looking to get ahead.

For further information, please contact me on 07976 830660 or email me at

Customer Reviews

“There is no doubt that I saved a fortune this year having had all my 3 kids school clothes properly labelled as opposed to using a marker pen or an iron on label – somehow the clothes just haven’t disappeared!

My kids loved getting their clothes back all wrapped in brown paper with a ribbon and a nice label with their name on it – excellent service and I would absolutely do it again – I have got over the guilt that I should be doing it myself – the fact is that I can’t sew and its worth paying for someone to do the job properly – it’s the same cost as replacing one lost jumper” Karen, Gullane – August’18

“Anna is amazing - meticulously sewn labels and fab patches all wrapped up beautifully and delivered very quickly! Thank you so much, you have saved me lots of time and stress with three young boys all going back to school and nursery 😊” (Emma, Melrose – August’18)

“Sewing ninja Label Lady made the return to school a breeze last September when she whisked off my unnamed clothes and nametapes and, 4 days later, hey presto they were done. UTTER LIFESAVER and easy as pie” Rebekah, Balerno – March’19

“Ever wondered what to do with all those bits of school uniform after your kids have left? Anna @ Label Lady made me these wonderful school memory cushions for me. I’m delighted & would recommend her company.” Karen, Edinburgh – October’18


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