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Montessori Nursery School, Murrayfield

The Montessori Nursery School is passionate about unlocking the natural curiosity of every child and building confidence, independence and a life-long love of learning. This caring and highly experienced team continued to deliver outstanding care throughout 2020, integrating online and outdoor learning into their celebrated Montessori curriculum whilst maintaining the highest levels of hygiene and safety.

Supported by a wealth of creative and cultural opportunities, including language, art and drama programmes, children grow interpersonal skills, empathy, resilience and joy.

Watch out for news of a Montessori Elementary School, coming soon!

Trish Thornton, Principal The Montessori Nursery School Church of the Good Shepherd Murrayfield Avenue Edinburgh EH12 6AU Tel: 0131 346 8921 Mobile: 07799 523 719


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