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World’s Longest Inflatable Assault Course

Conifox Adventure Park officially breaks Record for the World’s Longest Inflatable Assault Course

The Tartan Titan has now launched at Scotland’s Award-Winning Adventure Park

Conifox Adventure Park has today confirmed that they have officially broken a world record for the longest inflatable assault course which sits at a mammoth 568 metres, almost 73m longer than the current world record course, and longer than 5 premiership football pitches.

During an exclusive launch, attended by Alex Cole Hamilton MSP; Christine Jardine MP; Jamie Ritchie, Scotland Rugby; Craig Gordon, Scotland Football and Susie Oliphant, Scotland Ladies Lacrosse amongst many others key figures, Glenn Pollard, Official Adjudicator for Guinness World Records® confirmed the record, and The Tartan Titan made history.

Alex Cole Hamilton MSP comments, “This is like nothing I’ve never seen before and it’s great to have a world record breaking installation like the Tartan Titan in the heart of Edinburgh. Coming as it does on the eve of the festival, it really puts the heart of the city on the map. I am so proud of James and all of the team here at Conifox who have really done the best they can to bounce back quite literally from the pandemic.”

The Tartan Titan is an immersive interactive adventure that transports participants into their favourite game shows, from Ninja Warrior to Total Wipeout and Gladiators and crammed with challenges for all ages, the attraction is a real crowd pleaser.

Glenn Pollard, Official Adjudicator for Guinness World Records®, “Guinness World Records® titles are not easy to achieve by definition. It gives credibility to Conifox Adventure Park as well as anyone else who wants to come along and try and break it. Given the previous record has stood for 4 ½ years they would have a very tough job ahead of them.”

The unique attraction is only available for limited dates this month (August) with dedicated time slots for adults and younger children, it’s an escapade the whole family can enjoy as they climb, crawl, jump and bounce their way through the course.

Open to everyone taller than 1.2 metres, The Tartan Titan features 50 sections of obstacles including the Corkscrew, Wipe Out, Ninja Run, Ladder Challenge, Tidal Wave and Everest Slide. There are also special Challenge Days when visitors can attempt to set a record time on the course with a prize for the winner of the #TITANCHALLENGE.

The spectacular course is the latest addition to Conifox’s award-winning adventure park, at Kirkliston on the outskirts of Edinburgh, which recently invested £ 2 million in a new Activity Centre.

James Gammell, Managing Director of Conifox Adventure Park, says: “The Tartan Titan has been fantastically well received and we’re absolutely delighted to be able to announce that it has been officially adjudicated as the world’s longest, by the Guinness World Records®.
“Dates to take on the challenge are running out and we’re keen that as many people as possible get the chance to experience this amazing attraction. It is only available for a short time".


Due to adverse weather conditions, The Tartan Titan is now CLOSED on Monday 15 & Tuesday 16 August.

Please contact us to reschedule for our available dates on 27 & 28 August or 3 & 4 September. Thank you

Thrill seekers looking for their next big challenge need to sign up soon or miss the chance to tackle Scotland’s Tartan Titan. To make a booking for the Tartan Titan or Conifox Adventure Park visit


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