Edinburgh Sports Club


In the heart of the West End, hidden away on an island in the middle of the Water of Leith sits Edinburgh Sports Club. Firmly believing that when it comes to playing sport, the earlier you start the better, the Club has produced over the years an endless supply of Ladies, Mens and Junior Scottish Internationalists.


Research shows that before the age of 10 children are most receptive to learning skills such as running, jumping, balance, co-ordination, throwing and catching. The Club’s First Class coaches ensure these fundamental skills are covered in the initial stages of each child’s long-term development. The comprehensive coaching program is

year round and gives every child the opportunity to maximise their potential as ability progresses.


However it need not be so serious as the club has a thriving social side and hosts regular birthday parties, BBQ’s and charity events. The Club caters for all standards of

play in its sports and as an a example runs year round mini leagues and the Handicap Squash Team event is a must for all, young and old, beginner or advanced, enjoyed by everyone, the event is a true family a air, where parents are regularly brought to task by juniors!

Come and try Padel the racket sport everyone is talking about, first session is free to School Guide Readers, call JJ to book your session or come for a tour.


Edinburgh Sports Club

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